About Us

Healglobal is a non-governmental organisation driven by her desire to alleviate endemic social issues. We are passionate about improving the well-being and livelihood of the vulnerable through storytelling, documentaries, advocacy campaigns involving health and wellbeing promotion, education scholarships, startup capitals for SMEs, mentorship and skill development

Our Vision

A healthy society; free for all.

Our Mission

To improve the well-being and livelihood of people especially the vulnerable in rural communities by bringing to life their stories and creating programs in health, education, economic empowerment and capacity building to foster a healthy society and eradicate poverty.

Our Core Values

1. People development: We believe in challenging ourselves beyond the conventional ideas and approaches to the apex of learning, innovation, and transformation to ensure real and lasting positive change.
2. Empathy: We understand, feel and share in the emotions of other people, experiencing from within their frame of reference and understanding that there are many factors that go into decision making and cognitive thought processes.
3. Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable for the commitments we make to the people, partners and donors we serve while carrying out our operations in honesty and transparency.
4. Hard-work: We maintain the highest standards of professional ethics and performance, tapping into the best of our creative core and refusing to settle for mediocre results.
5. Collaboration: We believe that by embracing our diversity and building sustainable partnerships, we can actualize our vision for a healthy society.


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